Beauty Tips : Skin Care

//Beauty Tips : Skin Care

Beauty Tips : Skin Care


Aloe vera is a popular medicinal plant that is used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries. Aloe Vera is an amazing go-to natural ingredient for skin remedies. It removes dead skin cells and facilitates the rebuilding of fresh and new cells. The soothing, cooling properties of aloe vera help in freshening up all types of skins. Aloe Vera can be combined with other natural ingredients like honey, lemon and Milk cream. Facemasks created such, results in glowing and moisturized skin.


My recommendation below:

  • Normal Skin: 2tsp Aloe Vera Gel + 1tsp Honey
  • Oily Skin: 2tsp Aloe Vera Gel+ 1tsp Lemon juice
  • Dry Skin: 2tsp Aloe Vera Gel + 1tsp Malai or Milk cream


Steps to follow:

  • Make a paste by mixing all the ingredients.
  • Apply the paste evenly on the face and neck and leave it on for about 15 minutes.
  • Wash it off with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean towel.


Do try facemask depending on your skin type, can be done twice a week. Let me know the results.



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