Countering Gender Inequality and Harassment

//Countering Gender Inequality and Harassment

Countering Gender Inequality and Harassment

One of the most high-profile organizations embroiled in the gender and harassment conflicts with its employees in the recent past has been Google. When such big and successful organizations are not spared, one can imagine the situation in unorganized sectors and low paying places.…/google-workers-walk-out-to-protest-w…

While Google came up with new website for reporting workplace harassment cases, employees who are not blessed with such employers will have to explore alternate options.…/article…/69052513.cms

Harassment is a form of discrimination. As with discrimination, there are different types of harassment, including unwelcome behavior by anyone based on race, color, religion, nationality, age ,disability, or genetic information.

Harassing conduct may include offensive jokes, slurs, name-calling, physical assaults or threats, intimidation, ridicule, insults, offensive pictures, and more.

The victim doesn’t necessarily have to be the person being harassed; it can be anyone affected by the harassing behavior.

We all need to know how to deal with harassments, I came across an article that seemed quite complete.…/10-tips-for-dealing-with-workplace-ha…

Point 8 of this article is not applicable to Indian context though. In India as well, there are relevant laws applicable for harassment and violence at workplace.

“Imagine a bold plan for a world without discrimination, in which women and men are equal partners in shaping their societies and lives. Let’s picture it!” – Nicole Kidman, UN Women Goodwill Ambassador

Harassment attacks the soul and it is immaterial whether the soul is of a male or of a female. It is a very brutal act and must be punished equally under law.

The laws against Harassment that Indian women should know about are very well listed here:…/

The men’s rights movement (MRM) consists of many organisations, most notable ones being “Save Indian Family Foundation” based in Delhi and Vaastav Foundation based in Mumbai.

Ultimately what we should aim for is equal access to justice for any soul and true equality between women and men, everywhere.

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