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Cooking is one of the great stressbusters for me after technology.

Rice flour steamed dumplings filled with succulent mixture of coconut, jaggery 😊😊

Lord Ganesha’s favorite- “Modak” on the occasion of ‘Vinayaki Chaturthi’. It isn’tjust high on taste but also rich in nutrients….

While this mouth-watering delicacy is an inseparable part of Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, one can try it more often as it is a tasty treat for the whole family, especially the young ones.

Health benefits of Ukdiche Modaks:

Since ukdiche modak contains jaggery, it can help ease digestion and prevent constipation. Jaggery is packed with antioxidants and nutrients which help cleanse the liver, respiratory tract, intestine and stomach by flushing out toxins from the body. Moreover, jaggery also contains more nutrients than refined sugar because of its molasses content.

It is believed that ukdiche modak may help control blood pressure due to the presence of coconut in it. Medium chain triglycerides present in coconut have been shown to produce a protective effect on the heart as well as lower the blood pressure.

These scrumptious dumplings can also help you fight constipation as the filling is cooked in ghee. Ghee is loaded with healthy fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, which are important for bone, brain, heart, and immune system function.

Second delicious recipe is Jackfruit Sabzi and Jawar Roti

Jackfruit is a species of tree in the fig, mulberry, and breadfruit family. The jackfruit plant originated in southwest India, where it grows abundantly. And then, it spread to other parts of India, southeast Asia, the East Indies, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

It also grows in Africa and is relatively popular in Brazil and Suriname as well. Jackfruit trees typically grow in tropical and near-tropical conditions, but jackfruits can also be produced in Florida, Hawaii, and Australia.

Jackfruit is a summer season vegetable and is widely known for its amazing health benefits. It is a rich source of soluble dietary fibers, Vitamin B6 and other minerals in moderate amount. The vegetable along with seeds is highly nutritious and helps curing indigestion.

Friends, get acquainted with the neutral flavor and texture of a truly versatile fruit/vegetable – Jackfruit/ कटहल/फणस..

After a series of veggies and sweet delicacies, it’s time to give fish treat to our taste buds

My friends , presenting Fish n Curry recipe for you all!  I hope you love it!

Pomfret Fish Curry Recipe is originated from western coastal region of India – Malvani cuisine, which has got its influence from both Maharashtra and Goa.

Communities here are typically seafood lovers because of the close proximity to the ocean. As the fisherman’s catch their fresh fishes that becomes a part of their everyday meal.

To make Pomfret Curry, firstly the fish needs to be washed and then marinated with turmeric powder and salt for 15 minutes.

Make a fine paste from grated coconut, garlic, onion, cumin seeds and red chilis.

Heat a pan with oil and season with garlic, onion. Add fish, paste to it. Cook for 5 mins. Add kokum and its ready to serve hot.

Garnish with fresh olives, basil leaves.