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Ever wondered why our ancestors were fitter than us. Their natural activities like washing clothes and drawing water from wells gave them ample opportunities to workout without having the need to go to a gym.

Modern lifestyle has resulted in easing our tasks and have spared us from carrying out these physical activities for our daily needs. Life has however come a full circle on the fitness front. We have gone back to these old and traditional methods to get ourselves back in shape.

A great way to sweat out by doing two such workouts in the gym using rope. First workout is modeled on the lines of physical act of washing clothes and second on the drawing of water from the well.

Bring variation to a cardio routine by bouncing a medicine ball off the floor or wall, or moving it around vigorously.
Tossing the ball adds a plyometric element to workout that can ramp up heart rate quickly. Lifting , lowering and twisting a ball works on your arms , abs and obliques and holding the position stable means powerful glutes and thigh muscles.