Lahu se kaisi sharm…

//Lahu se kaisi sharm…

Lahu se kaisi sharm…

In my earlier post, I had indicated that I will review information about the reach of menstrual hygiene methods amongst the women in rural India. According to survey reports, the usage of sanitary napkins among Indian women is 48.5% in rural areas, 77.5%in urban and 57.6 % overall. There has been an increase in the number of rural women using sanitary napkins, but the number of girls missing school due to menstrual pain has not gone down. 71% of them have no knowledge of menstruation before their first periods and 82% use alternatives. 88% adolescent girls are unaware of the health implications that could occur due to poor menstrual hygiene. The numbers are not quite good, and we need movements like niine, nomorelimits, itstimeforaction to try and make a change in the lives of women in this country.

While we talk about menstrual hygiene and disposal management, Adolescent Gynecology Program can be also planned, which provide care for gynecologic concerns, such as missed periods, heavy bleeding or cramps as it can disrupt daily life and should not be ignored.

In general, menstrual irregularities can have a variety of causes, like hormonal imbalances , POI, Thyroid dysfunction, Perimenopause, prolonged Medications. Common causes of heavy bleeding AND PAIN include: PCOS, fibroids, Endometrial polyps, Adenomyosis, Bleeding disorders or pregnancy related complications. Line of Medical Treatments are suggested based on type of bleeding anovulatory or ovulatory. If the structural treatments are ineffective then surgical treatments are advised &performed. Healthy lifestyle, practicing yoga and regular health checkups can help keeping gynac health better.Hope I have been able to throw light on menstruation topic and create awareness. Kindly share your feedback.





















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